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I also am getting the message that ""transport requires active environmental suit," but I have taken it off and put it on several times, still get the same message. I know there are different kinds of EV Suits, are some not suitable for Nukara Prime??

If anyone else has found the answer to being able to start the Nukara Prime job, I'd like to know how to activate the suit -- seems to me just putting the dang thing on ought to be enough ...

OK - later - so I found out how to activate the EV suit (in case there are others who miss this too...). In the 'Big Personal Tray' at the bottom of the screen (where you can personalize/organize your fighting options and quick buttons), a new mini-row appears with the EV suit in it, and there you can click on it which 'activates' the suit. Otherwise you're just wearing the suit, and can't use the transporter, and if you walk off the platform you catch fire in less than a minute. Oy. Apparently it's not enough to just put the suit on, you have to turn it on too. :-\

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