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I have my B'rel set up with a few reserve bridge officers so at the drop of a hat I can change my ship completely to suit the combat situation... most often this is what i run with my tac toon-

Tac 1, torp spread 2, torp spread 3, beta 3
sci 1, tss2, grav well 1
eng 1, aux-sif2
polarise hull1, haz 2

The last two boff slots I leave the same, but I also have a sci toon with tykens instead of grav well, and both of those hav the tier 3 versions as well so i can swap my gunner into the lt comm slot and enhance the crowd control. I also have a reserve sci boff with partical burst 2 and shockwave 3 but I don't run that one very often any more. I also have a second tac boff with high yields instead of spreads- otherwise identical.

I used to run the spatial barrier console, and it was really useful for escaping when I got knocked out of cloak, but I have since switched it out because there were more offensive ones I wanted but had to make room for. Namely, isometric charge and gravitic overload.

For weapons, I run the front with a set of four of the same energy type torpedoes, having chroniton, quantum, and plasma available. I used to also keep transphasics but even after the buffs they are too dissappointing to keep. so i dumped 'em. All the Borg mk XII 'cause hey, they're cheap and that 1k proc goes off with pretty much every hit tot he borg. In the rear I run a peng and bio neural.

For components I run full honor guard most of the time- that placate and defense proc is an ass-saver! But when running high yield with plasmas (mostly for killing tac cubes) I pop on the reman set.

Another thought I have is if a person wants maxxed out defense rating, run the Aegis engines and dish for the 2 piece def bonus, and then toss the KHG shield on top for that proc. combined with the evasive toon perk and you can get over 40% defensive rating. But of course no torp damage bonus -_-

for engineering- RCS, two neutronium (i can whip around mid volley to launch my heavy hitters and then be right back to firing torps while they cool)

for sci- Grav overload, isometric charge, gravitic anchor- *surprise!* Chaining hit, yer ten klicks away, and you can hardly move now. (trolololol ^_^)

For tac- Three of whatever torp type I am using at the moment. (I swap out fairly often depending on team needs- 90% of the time I'm tunning plas or quantums)

For my Duty officers, I have three purple projectile officers- allowing me to run my four tubes in full tandem even with chronitons- a torp a second uninterrupted. It also assists in the peng cooldown. (But not trics or the neuro as far as I have noticed)

The two remaining are a gravity specialist for the aftershock wells, and a conn officer to speed the evasives cooldown.

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