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Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
Yes, actually, for most of us it is. I have other things to spend my dilithium on. 1k every 2-3 days is enough to get me to stop using the General Recruitment.

This is nothing but small fleet poison. As is stands small fleets need EVERY scrap of Dilithium and every DOff they can get their hands on. And these added costs are IN ADDITION to several new toilets being added that Cryptic wants you to flush your Dilithium down. For small fleets this completely and totally ****s them.

As a member of a small fleet this basically ends any interest in Fleet Activities for me, and also ends all interest in DOffing. Of course, those were the only things still keeping me engaged...

So, it looks like this coming Season will kill my interest in what few parts of the game where some still remained. Beyond that it will simply introduce yet more grind disguised as "content". With content now apparently being relegated to Seasons instead of between seasons micro-patches as was INTENDED, I guess that also means it will be months until there is even a (slim) chance of something being introduced that I might actually want to play.

So tell me Oh Wise Cryptic Employees... why the **** am I supposed to want to pay you?

Originally Posted by walshicus View Post
This just tells me you haven't played many f2p games. STO offers EVERY piece of content without putting it behind a pay wall. Maybe these changes bring item acquisition and end-game gearing to a point where they take longer. Certainly most subscription MMOs take longer to gear up!
Except that spending Dilithium which is bought or ground out for gear is now our primary form of content. Thus while the nuts and bolts of playing isn't behind a pay wall, the "playing" we're seeing is just grind, and the "reward" for the end of that grind (you know, the only actual reason ANYONE EVER even considers grinding)? Locked behind Dilithium... which exchanges with a real money currency... meaning it's ALL behind a giant pay wall, and those walls exist in near every aspect of the game, they're omnipresent. Thanks to Dilithium this game is basically one big pay wall... you grind and/or pay in order to pay some more and keep paying, because that's the nature of the game.

It would be PREFERABLE to sell REAL content at this point. If nothing else at least then we'd GET real, substantial, FUN content because THAT would be the source of PWE's income instead of DTaxes and gambling addicts...
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