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11-11-2012, 06:31 PM
Yeah, that won't work. My advice here is:

1) Direct the player's ship to the area near the Cardassian ship with a Reach Marker from the "Special" list.

2) Once you reach it, have a pop-up dialogue with your bridge officer.

You can just have them say, "Hey Captain Dude, this ship is broke." then and there or you might want to try to hail them first or scan the ship to see if anyone is aboard.

In fact, my advice on Contacts in general is avoid using them as the actual objectives unless its just a straight "Talk to Joe Schmo" arrangement.

Go to StarbaseUGC (you can link to it with the banner in Z's signature line above) and check the tutorial videos that people have posted, that's the best way to learn quickly. The foundry is a great tool (and could be the saving grace of the game I think if it was shown some real love) but can be frustrating and convoluted at times. Watching these short videos will get you past a lot of the big hurtles in learning the tool.