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11-11-2012, 06:48 PM
More news from the 26th Fleet!

Originally Posted by Raynah
I'm really excited to announce two new appointments to the Fleet Admin Team!

Joining the team as our new Operations Officer will be Svetlana. She has proposed a number of excellent ideas to help make sure that our RP shedule is full, and that our fleet has lots of great opportunities for RP'ers of all types to enjoy. In addition to coordinating the schedule, the Ops Officer has a strong role to play on our Story Council and in tearing down barriers to RP. In short, it is my sincere hope that if you've no RP to engage it, its because everyone else in the fleet is asleep... in which case, I'm sure Svet will be pleased if you catch up on your Personal Log!

Also joining today's momentum is Bishop as our new Personnel Officer. You may know that this role is all about recruitment, and helping players find ways to solve any issues they may have, including communications about Leave of Abscence and Roster Status. From my own experience, I know that recruiting in an MMO is best done with some solid support, and I know that Corris is going to get Bishop all setup and be a great wingman for our new chief recruiter.

Thank you so much to both of you for volunteering today! I really look forward to working with you both as we continue to grow this Fleet through Season 7 and our Season 2.

For anyone else looking to get involved to help promote the fleet or see that our RP events fire off, we want your involvement. Look for new initiatives designed to get our fleet members RPing with other STO RPer's who may be looking for a new home. Look for Bishop and/or Corris conducting interviews, and see if you can chip in! The way forward to a successful future is through everyone's ongoing collaboration.

Thank you again to our new Fleet Officers!

I'd like to say congratulations to Sventlina and Bishop on their promotions! Both officers have earned their positions via service to the fleet. We're expecting great hings from our two newest command staff officers!

I'd like to take a moment, and introduce my replacement as Personnel Officer, Bishop. He'll be doing the post and news updates here in the thread as we phase him into the role.