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Originally Posted by ianluxor View Post
Hi folks,

as i am about to become Vice Admiral i am just a little bit worried which science ship to buy.

1. Vesta Science ? (as soon as it is available)
2. Oddy Science ?
3. Atrox Carrier ?

I am very thankfull for any advice

Thanks in advance.
Don't get any of those! Start off getting a T4 Reconnaissance Sci Vessel. I finally got my SCI cap to lvl 50 and that ship is amazingly FUN. You can stack Grav Wells and Energy Drains 2 deep! And you get 3 Tac Boff power slots, truly an amazing setup. There's a fleet version too.

Originally Posted by ianluxor View Post
Thank you all for your help so far.

I decided to buy an atrox carrier first and will watch the forums after the Vesta has been deployed and used in the field.
You know, The Vesta is getting released on Tuesday, why not wait for 2 days before plopping down the cash for an Atrox?

*Subliminal: Flyyyyy the Reconaisaaaaance Sci Veeeeessel*

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