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11-11-2012, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by philosophere View Post
Joss Wheden, no doubt.

Take a look at his work in Avengers... nice balance between tense action and humour. Firefly, you can easily drop some of your favorite original trilogy characters right in there.

He has what Star Wars needs, and it needs to be taken back to where it started.
I second this,

[Edit]: Tell a lie.. the action in Avengers mixed with the character content of Firefly would suffice juuust fine

Because of Firefly. (Yep, I'm reopening THAT wound...)

Great show with characters I could connect with and actually cared about to the point that it ending pretty much pissed me off..

Whereas episode III ending was like somebody removing the knife that was stuck in my arm.

But to answer the OP.. in general.. "Who should direct the next Star Wars movie" my direct answer is "Not George Lucas"