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Yeah, you won't see the problem if you want the Oddyssey or the new assaults refit. You don't see the grand sceme of things? They made the Oddyssey to address alot of the underpowerd or less "tankiness" of other cruisers. They did this so people would gravitate to buying 3 of them. If you hadn't noticed, they made alot of new cruisers come in three parts that you have to buy in order to enjoy everything the ship has to offer. Even the new Vesta Class is made in the same manner.
Please list all the cruisers that are involved into this nefarious '3 part' plan? As far as I know, your 'alot of new cruisers' is two, one for each faction. With the Vesta, we now have 3 total, but the Vesta is a sci ship, not a cruiser, so I still don't see your point. I'm not seeing this trend towards extra costs for cruisers you are speaking of unless you are talking about the'Fleet' versus 'C-store' versus 'basic' thing many ships have, in which case that is not a cruiser specific issue at all. Seems like you are again throwing out 'facts' without actually thinking about them. Also, in terms of Cryptic trying to get you to buy new things: a company trying to SELL products to me? Say it ain't so!

In addition, since when was the problem with cruisers (even non-odyssey cruisers) the lack of 'tankiness'? Did you maybe mean 'dps' here, or are you honestly saying that cruisers need both a tanking AND a damage buff?

Finally, he didn't say he only runs the Odyssey, so I don't know why you are accusing him of missing the big picture - it looks like he doesn't use any Galaxy or Excelsior classes, but the rest are effectively in his list.

Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
I already know whats going to happen to borg kit so that why i have been staying mum on that subject.

Torpedos power for players do need a jump. Have you ever played against the Federation NPC's on Fleet Alert? They are very hard, and it's not because of their escorts kicking your butt with cannons. It's the torpedos coming from their cruisers that tear through your shields. I have never been destroyed much in Fleet Missions except for playing against the Federation or Tholians. The fact that NPC's torpedos can do so much more damage than players' show that the NPC's follow a different rule than the player side. It's like they are following closer to canon roles than player side. You don't see large speads of topedos coming from escorts, you don't see cannon fire that is 400 rounds per minute, and you don't see ships flying around a super fast speeds, either. Their cannons fired at the same rate they did in the shows, and the escorts are armed with a proximity cannon that strips you shields if you get too close to them. Even the Akira was firing torpedos in all directions like it should in the canon world because its 15 torpedo bays all arounf the hull of the ship. I think the NPC's are made by a seperate set of Devs than the player side. The player side seem to have certain ships boosted and others nerfed to encourage players into buy certain ships or things like lock box keys. It would not hurt to bring proportionate power to the Player's topedos for all to enjoy.
Already been explained how, in fact, torps that crit for insane dmg is a bad idea. The rest of this, though, is I think highly revealing about where you are coming from. It seems to me that you feel like escorts should not have been the damage dealing class at all - I would wager that you are one of those people who puts stock in the idea that 'escort' as a class name means they should be there only to 'support' the main guns - i.e. the cruisers. I've never found that line of reasoning particularly compelling, but again, it shows that you aren't upset about the AMOUNT of damage being done by ships etc - just WHICH ships are doing it.