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Originally Posted by kirscht View Post
I have (almost) NO idea what any of you are talking about, although I (for some odd reason) thoroughly enjoy the discussion. Are you saying I can put consoles in slots they don't go in? Or weapons into console slots rather than weapons slots? How did you all learn all this stuff? Throwing out all the technical terms and knowing exactly what it means, what it does, and what effect it has on 10 other technical things?? I mean, there's no manual for this game is there? You all just picked it up through forums and game play?

Seriously - help me be more like you! Cause I do love this game.
LOL. That's a fantastic opening line, I admire your honesty.

No they're not talking about putting consoles into slots they don't go in. They are arguing the pros and cons of running different consoles in certain slots.

Example: Which is better? 3 energy weapon + 1 torpedo console, or 4 energy consoles

OR: Running 3 energy weapon consoles and putting a universal console in tactical (something like the borg console which can go anywhere). Moving that borg console from wherever it was before (engineering/science) frees up that slot for more survivability.

An "optimum" build (I.E one focused for pure damage) will keep all 4 energy weapon consoles, but specialised builds with more torps and torp-heavy bridge officer abilities might benefit from torpedo consoles.

It's all a balancing act, and going for what's "optimum" might not be the most fun, but I completely agree with you that it's an interesting discussion, and a thread I really enjoyed reading!

Especially the analysis of engineering consoles - very good read. Keep it up lads!