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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Most everyone I'n this thread is a elite player
And very knowledgeable about there own playstyle
And ships and generally the game overall.

Here is my question to you all

When your were a level 1 noob most did not read the forums
Or wiki for days before downloading and playing the
Game , download completed you looked at the characters
And ships then rolled your character and began playing.

Dps is the goal I'n every story mission I'n space
Point ship at target make target go boom fast
This is standard to level 50

At level 50 what kind of training has the story missions provided
To the engineer I'n his cruiser....... Dps, that's the problem

Poor training by cryptic, poor initial character creation, poor ships
Pictures on characters screen for career choice.

It takes much more skill to rock with a cruiser as healer and tank
Than it does to fire weapons at targets that don't fire back at you
I'n a escort. I'n pve.

The easy job escort is well trained
The hard job cruiser is untrained

I run all three characters that's what I have noticed

Isn't this the root to most of the cruiser/Engineer evils ?

1. Noobs are falsely lead into picking engineer by creation
Txt and ship pictures

2. Engineers/cruisers are poorly trained by the story missions
And still those elite players you seem to get mad about somehow learned to manage their ships and got better. Nothing stops a new player to do the same. To get a challenge you could always up the difficultiy level, then take a look at the skill tree and abilities and start testing. Something went wrong? Try to get behind why and overcome it. That's the usual process of learning, you know.

The biggest outcry usually comes from 2 types of people. Those that think they should do well and rock the game no matter how bad their build and playstyle is and those that think they are the best of the best just by entering the game without having to learn anything.

While I do not disagree that PvE missions are a joke you seem to forget that most players do not want it harder. An example you may remember if you were already part of the game: Some time ago Cryptic upped the difficulty of the Undine Dreadnought in "Stop the Signal", so people couldn't faceroll it anylonger and actually had to apply some strategy. It was harder, but doable if you not just sat there in front shooting away. The outcry was beyond belief and it got nerfed again. A proposal to add a couple more scripted abilities to NPC ships. People started whining that they don't want them to be more challenging. Yes, PvE is a joke, but the common STOer doesn't like to do more than hit spacebar.

As for your second point about tanking. Actually taking an escort to an elite STF PuG is far better training in tanking than taking a cruiser.
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