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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
dude an escourt with full hp and sheilds with tt running would insta pop. crusiers would insta pop.
... and this is exactly what should happen if a player doesn't pay attention and flies directly into a minefield. Standard procedure against ship damage (emergeny power to shields, tactical team, hull buffs) won't help mich, but there are lots of other ways to avoid or get rid of them: Cannon Scatter Volley, Fire at Will, Torpedo Spread, Tractor Beam repulsors (which target everything around the user, even cloaked ships and yet undetected mines). Escorts can simply outspeed them with hyper engines. Pets also help clearing minefields as does a well placed gravity well if you are in a science ship. If your are in a cruiser and mines are at your tail hit evasive or eject warp plasma.