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Originally Posted by jackdonner View Post
With all the unhappy people about season 7 already, what makes you think this game will be around for season 10? I think you are getting way to far ahead of yourself there.
I agree, I am far too optimistic right now. I don't honestly think STO will continue through till Season 10; the playerbase will have dropped significantly between now and then (especially with SWTOR going F2P later this week). SWTOR has a heck of a lot more financing going into it than STO does, and it'll no doubt be a better overall experience, and I doubt the developers will be money-focused unlike the STO team are.

Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
I would add that I would like to see the Hirogen join the Romulan faction.
I did think about them, but then the Hirogen are few and they've only one actual purpose in their life; that is, to hunt.

If they'd include the Hirogen at all, it should be as a one-time Zen Purchase, thus allowing you to have a maximum of one Hunter in your crew. Any more and it just wouldn't seem plausible.

Originally Posted by tachyonharmonic View Post
Since the former Romulan government let them hunt in Romulan space, I'm sure they'd be able to work something out with the new government. It would add a good amount of variety to the faction I think.
The Romulan Government didn't let them hunt, it was Sela that granted them that status, and she's currently disappeared. It stands to reason that whatever agreement was made between Sela and the Hirogen fell through once she vanished. I can't see other Romulan states allowing the agreement to continue.