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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
This reminds me too that there are really good options for the B'rel for torp/mine boats but only if you use Plasma projectiles. A few things they should really open up on is ways the B'rel can use all kinds of different projects efficiently.

A few ideas on this could be throw into engineering where the rotate shield frequency could be used also that applies from torpedoes fired from the b'rel or even some already existing boff skills or doffs that could apply additional shield penetration.

I just think it would be more fun to see more chang bop style setups out there so that if per pvp sake or even npcs that have naturally high damage resistance to plasma that it doesn't limit the KDF so much because its becoming a lot like KDF and Science officers hand in hand where every week we see another nerf to both. Then not seeing any compromises on buffing things that need to be buffed.
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