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The saddest part about all this is how the community itself is even making the whole experience even worse, they all complain p2w OP this ability OP that. FaW, Spread, Trico Mines, Danube spam, and now TBR as I've heard.

90% of the PvP community simply abuses those potentially overpowered aspects all the time and cry about it the other day, its just sad. Even if in my opinion it's the players fault here which makes PvP an even less enjoyable factor of this game, part is ofcourse to blame by crappy developers which have absolutely no idea what they are doing. It was no bug, this is no bug. TBR buffed this much, is that a bug? I havent tested it but i heard it can spike people with 20+K per pulse. However, I still think that this PvP community and their players is the icing on the cake on ruining the already horrible PvP in this game, which is really sad.
+1 times a million, I'll never name names but it's mind-boggling how the same people who'll complain about the queues and about PvP being dead or about this or that FotM mechanic are the exact same people who abuse them the worst. I don't know if they think they're being "ironic" or funny or not, and personally I can just live with it if that's how they want to roll, but it doesn't help the impression of the game that any new player gets when they decide to try out this PvP thing.

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