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11-12-2012, 06:10 AM
This B'Tran move is pretty disgusting, my guess is they'll start to find the next best ways to get dilithium and nerf the crap out of them as well. Removing the dil from B'Tran is greed, and they can't dispute that, it was designed to give dilithium otherwise it fails to have a reason to even exist.

Right now the only reason to do the horrible exploration missions is for dilithium. By removing the rewards they might as well remove all exploration because Strange New Worlds is simply not worth the time and shear boredom and horror of playing those terrible missions.

So in effect they are removing even more content from the game, but I guess all of S7s great accomplishments make up for this? Like the generic kill missions that are just as horrible as the exploration missions? But I guess they are better since they waste time and don't reward dilithium, so yay.. more "content" nobody is going to play beyond the first week. Way to waste time.