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11-12-2012, 05:45 AM
Umm... I thought there already was a ship even superior to Vesta. It's called Kar'Fi Battle Carrier...

Good shields, more hull than vesta, one fore weapon slot more, two hangar bays, awesome frigate hangars, can load cannons, has cmdr. sci and lt.cmdr. tac. boff slots and phase shift console that grants it partial immunity. And that's just a standard 9 console ship - I don't even want to think what monster this would be if there was a Fleet version (which I hope there will be someday).

Although I'll be buying Vesta tomorrow I honestly would prefer it to be more Kar'Fi like, even without sensor analysis and subsystem targeting.

And if you want something more bulky and even more Engi/Sci oriented for the KDF then Fleet Corsair may be the thing for you.