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Originally Posted by bigwig77 View Post
I use to great effect:

4x single barrel accx2 phased disruptor cannons
4x phased disruptor turrets

lt cmdr tac: tt1, apb1, csv2/srf2
cmd eng: epw1, eps2, es2, asif3 variant: epw1, rsp1, eps3, asif3
lt eng: epw1, eps2
ens sci: he1
lt. sci: tss1, tss2

2x blue tt doff
3x blue cannon doff

omega deflector, engine mk xii
maco shield mk xii

sif generator
tachykinetic converter
borg console
the console that adds to all defense

3x field gens

3x disruptor coils

so tet glider + disruptor proc + polaron proc + excellent turn + choice of healing/dpsing roles + high shield mod

great ship
This is a pretty solid build, I wouldn't recommend chaining TSS though.

The best way to get as much out of your APB/CSV or FAW as poss is to double up on Aux2Bat, as seen here.

vids and guides and stuff

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