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11-12-2012, 05:46 AM
Well, remember that the dancing area is run by visiting Orion entertainers, and so they will play what they think is good dance music. I didn't notice too many Klingons objecting last time I was in our base, so can't be a cultural problem...

And let's be frank here. Klingon opera and battle hymns are not exactly the things you dance to. Granted, they get the blood wine and the war stories flowing (which helps both the bar and fireplace ends of the lodge), but even with a crowd roaring to shake the support beams, it isn't the sort you'd expect Orions to find 'fun'.

So, if you are deep in your tankard and prefer to look into the fire and remember glorious battles and friends, the chairs by the fireplace and the tables should be outside the sound-suppression field around the stage. However, if dirges and full-bellowed battle poems are not upbeat enough for you one night, you might be happy to have some of that bouncy music over in the other part of the lodge.

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