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Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
This is very true. It's impossible, in any MMO, to create a fair PVP system, even if you put two players with the same ship and loadout, it won't be 'fair' as one side tends to have more experience than the other which results in it being 'unfair'.

That said I know our fleet, if we come across a poor PUG team will tend to sit out a player or two so that it's at least 'fun' if not 'fair'
You have a unique sense of what is 'deemed' fair.

Sad Pandas, Critz, TSI all host a very experienced roster.

TRH does not have an as experienced roster, yet we compete.

Doing things correctly, with coordination, and having pregame communication does not require "experience". This is the fundamental problem with people that do not PvP, they give up like you, and give answers that comforts them the most. In this case, for you it's "Oh they're just more experienced".

None of my guys thought they would be where they are today. Majority of them began when free to play started.

Let me give example of what a well versed pug group can do. It wasn't experience that won them this match, it was communication. The guy recording the match (sorry Hank) doesn't have an engineering commander ability on his tray! Despite this they had an incredible performance in the face of "experience" you have crowned.

Communication/Coordination is the King of PvP.

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