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11-12-2012, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by orias2 View Post
Honestly...these missions are a joke and need a serious rethink.
Yes, they're a joke indeed - they're laughably easy as they are and yet people still complain and call for a nerf.

CSE can be completed in 3-5minutes, FYI.

Seriously, just join any of the "Elite" channels in the game and you won't have to worry about mindless pugs. PvE queues are simply not the way to go when it comes Elite STFs. Like, at all...

Right now I'm either doing STFs with fleetmates or with people from "Elite" channels, or not doing them at all. And you know what? As a result the absolute worst experiences I can recall from recent months have only to do with people using TBR too much, or being too afraid to make a RML run in CSE, sticking with boring MRRML, because they won't accept the fact that some people are able to solo spawning Raptors and even Negh'Vars just fine.

This is the reason you people either need a fleet, a group of friends or the above mentioned community channels. Once you know how to play them the Elite STFs are extremely easy. People I know play them solely to beat their times, such as all cubes in CSE destroyed with 12:18 left on the optional timer.