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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
I've noticed somthing while copying characters over to tribble. The system seems to value EDC's much more than anything else. I had a character with a total of just 17 EDC's on live geta box with 1K marks and 6 processors. My guess is the system counts up your total number of items, with normal Salvage and MkXI tech countsing as 2 and prototypes stuff counting as 3. Since EDC's are 5 per 1K Dil they convert in a fsshion thats very beneficial whilst everything else dosen't. Haven't got any toons with any more EDc's on them but i thought i'd drop this in.

Could anyone with a large number of unconverted EDC's live side do some better testing on this?
Right here:

Basically 10 EDC is roughly equivalent to 100 Omega Marks. Rare Salvage and Proto Salvage are (stupidly) taking more of a hit. Same for unspent Mk XI/XII Requisitions and Rare/Proto Techs.

The conversion is Tiered and biased to casual players (as stated by Cryptic devs: a casual player plays for 3 hours a week) and won't have nearly as much STF currency as I do. Also the more you have, the higher your Tier and the bigger conversion loss you take from diminishing returns until its really really painful.

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