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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Let's celebrate!!!

<Bangs Pots and Pans>
*walks around in a circle while repeately banging on a large pot with a wooden spoon*

Originally Posted by senshibat01 View Post
Celebrate Dance to a different toon
maybe STO before noon

LAst night some fight
Z is JC is CAppy is !0
and our Friend
even when Fed.

we never Dread.. We battle cruise it.
you should have see the Capture and hold i drifted into
Some bizzare Rapid fire 360 plasma turret from Gre'thor was there..
i mean whats the goal

i think the feds thought don't race to a place and change it
harass the klingon as a pack until they quit and win cheap..

i mean how many quad cannons can 1 ship have..
some odd shield drop without a bean science trick..
i did it for the ore. .
i want more..
1440 just scannign 3 systems i na LCDR areas fine.. i never liked stos pvp flight mechanic
anyway after years of full 360 manuver in a sim beta test of piston and turbien aviation
i could invert a AH-64 oro a Kiowa Scout ship here.. its almost impossable to point your nose up..
My ship, the Super Chicken, is one of those KDF 1k Day Vet ships. Because of it's special ability, it has Disruptor weapons on it.

Fore: Quad Disruptor Cannons, 3x Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [CrtDx3]
Aft: 3x Disruptor Turrets Mk XII [CrtD]x3
Gear: Complete Mk XII Honor Guard

Most may not agree with the proc but I have no issues getting critical hits so the extra damage goes a long way.