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11-12-2012, 06:44 AM
My vote goes to re-worked TWOK uniforms.
- Customizable rank insignia/colors.
- Adjust the back so that the material covers the middle of the belt.
- Make the belt buckle chevron less cartoony (the original belt buckle, way back at game launch, was really good looking, you just couldn't customize the color without changing the rank color as well).
- Pips and squeaks as optional?
- Would also go for the vest, Kirk's bomber jacket (TFF), and the away team jackets (TWOK).

Perhaps a big TWOK Uniform pack - reworked officer uniforms, admiral's variant (gold piping), enlisted crew uniforms, jackets, vests, security uniforms, etc.

I also support the Picard hairstyle and would support a better Kirk-perm hairstyle.