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11-12-2012, 08:05 AM
....just when you think Cryptic is listening. This happens

You know i was trying to hold back i was trying to believe everything was going to be alright. That Cryptic couldn't be this crazy. That there had to be SOME reason for this. But after reading 17 pages. And not seeing a single cryptic or dev response. Even Bran hasn't commented on this thread. Weekend or not, the silence speaks volumes. It really really does. And i dont care if people have IP watchers on their browsers and such. It should not take much for a dev to log in at home and make a statement. Or SOMEONE.

I was trying to hold out hope. Not any more.

TOR? That game can kiss my ass. its F2P system is a joke. Now Guild Wars 2. That's a game i'll like.

Fancy blasters and hokey weapons aren't enough to keep my interest in a Sci-fi game. I'll go back to EVE online if i feel the need for Scifi. Cryptic, if you cant comprehend why dilithium levels in general are so high you feel the need to do've lost your playerbase. You've lost your game. I don't know if i'm uninstalling yet but i had thought about spending money and until today i felt comfortable with putting money into this game. I start a job tomorrow that's going to significantly limit my playing time, and with changes like this? I cant do it. I cant play this game the way you want me to play this game. This...the silence speaks volumes. Volumes.