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Originally Posted by captainhunter1 View Post
Hi evil70th,

I was hoping you could review 'Treasure of Argelius II, pt. 2', the conclusion to part one of the story you reviewed here:

Mission info
Mission Name: Treasure of Argelius II, pt. 2
Author: captainhunter1
Minimum Level: 16+
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-St-HU335TJ20
Estimated Mission Length: 2 hours
Method of Report Delivery: Forum Post

It's currently listed under the 'review' tab. Thanks!
Hi captainhunter,

Thanks for the review request. Sorry for the late reply but this week has been crazy busy at work and it is going to stay that way into next month. I am taking today and hoping to catch up on the queue. You are 2nd in the queue behind ScaryGuy.

Thanks for authoring,
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details. Also see Evil 70th's list of missions at "Evil 70th's Missions".

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