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Finally, he didn't say he only runs the Odyssey, so I don't know why you are accusing him of missing the big picture - it looks like he doesn't use any Galaxy or Excelsior classes, but the rest are effectively in his list.

Very good point, looks like he mentionned 2 of the ship I bought and conveniently forgot the others. I did say I do what I said I do with all my cruisers. And I'd like to had, each cruiser has a different load out for exception of Torpedo which I use on all my built. 180 degres Q torp has been a great addition to do more damage with broadside. But than I don't use it on all my built either, I use plasma (with reman space set) and chroniton with 2 pce temporal set ( mirror star crusier and fleet heavy cruiser retrofit respectivly).

If you want numbers, here are some, my least powerful Cruiser is the Mirror Star cruiser, I use disruptors on that one and it does betweeen 2.5 and 3k dps. My most powerful one are ody and AC refit which top out at around 4k dps. Note that these number are constant dps not burst, can't do much burst with engineer on cruiser anyway.

I've been to cure space elite with 5 cruisers, 4 from my fleet and 1 random pug. We got optionnal so if you have well built cruisers even an engineer can do something usefull with it. And by the way the others optional from the other stf are easily done with 5 good captain on cruiser too. If you get a rainbow boat or subpar built you may miss the optionnal but with not with 5 good captains.
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