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Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
Are you talking about showing fleet marks on the leaderboard after donating? I thought I noticed that on stacks of commodities. Spent way too much EC to donate thousands of commodities a couple of days ago, and didn't think my total moved at all. But donating dilithium did.

Then again, I've not been checking my total, either. It is quite possible that I didn't get rewarded for them either (although it did say I was getting them). Will have to check. Boy, that would make me upset

I wonder if it's a stacking issue like the DOffs. I don't know if they ever fixed that, I now donate one at a time, but it used to be if you donated more than one, the leaderboard would record it as only one DOff, but the personal total was recorded correctly. I'm not about to start donating 1 industrial cell at a time!
sometimes the leaderboard is out of sync with your actual total. dunno why....

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