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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Well, just recently I pug`d an arena match and got faced with a premade S.O.B. Lets say the match was all but one sided. Besides them using everything from lockbox ships to heavens knows what, they too used what Hilbert would call overpowered consoles.

So Pax and everyone else, in case of the so-called "fairness": Was it really nessecary for them to use all that p2w, when they kinda knew before the match even started that they would win without breaking a sweat?

Simple answer is simply yes. Why not? It gives them the purchased advantage coupled with existing broken or exploitable mechanics availble. It boosts their ego and shows them high numbers after the match. Good for them! Bad for us.

So the next question would be: Would they for next time play fair? Again, why should they?
They payed good money to stay on top and with the best ships and equipment out there, and no self-righteous player is going to tell them what they cant do!

So comes the problem how one is going to enforce "fairness" when people are so hopelessly dependent on the p2w, that they will fight tooth and nail to defend it.

So in all REALISM, people would do themselves a huge favour to not mix pvp and fairness in the same sentence, cause pvp is not about being fair. Is about winning and having fun! Even if that fun is on the expense of the opponents.
I guess you don't play Golf.

There is something called a handicap in the game of Golf. Where you give an advantage to your opponent in the interest of having a more challenging match.

We all paid good money. They paid good money. I can tell you this about S.O.B, they are not using SN Doffs on us, know why? They ACKNOWLEDGE and RESPECT the vindictive nature of the SN Doff. They are using P2W because they can and want to. Which is fine, we employ strategy to undo P2W. If you are in a fleet that uses P2W and you dislike P2W, and would like to win against P2W without the use of P2W, then TRH is your fleet.

As for S.O.B. if this entails them using P2W and "god knows what" then so be it. The attitude employed at TRH is allowing a crutch for those that need that to level the playing field. TRH has played S.O.B. on several occasions, sure it's been rough and stressful but it's a challenge nonetheless. Does TRH have good relations with S.O.B. and the answer is YES! Why? They're people to play the game with, as opposed to people who simply "give up" or go to other games.

A win against P2W, coordination undid their P2W:

The realism behind it is that Hilbert is disgusted with P2W and finding it difficult to find a group of people who employ the same attitude as him. We back you 100% Hilbert. Coordination beats P2W, that's the bottom line. Coordination does lose to OP, example: SN Doffs. Which is why we use our deterrence policy on that.

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