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11-12-2012, 09:10 AM
With the impending loss of the "quickie" one-click-finish Investigate daily, Fleet Marks (FM) are about to become a rare commodity, possibly the rarest in game. The change was part of the heavy-handed actions the Devs are taking to severely reduce the speed at which we gain Dilithium, and erode the Dilithium stockpiles as much as possible. FM are an unfortunate casualty of this action.

This said, BBB has no intention of backing down.

To put it simply, the founding group, this name, existed well before there was a Star Trek Online, and several of us still consider STO to be "our game" when it comes to MMOs. So long as there is an STO worth playing, there will be a Bloodbath in it. Probably long after.

To those facing these changes alone or in fleets with only 2 or 3 active players, we sympathize. Before you give up on building your base completely, and redirect yourself to the new sinks for your time (via Dilithium, EC, DOffs and other Marks), consider this - you can maintain your independence, you can continue your casual, no-pressure game-days, and you can keep playing the way you want, just like the rest of us here in Bloodbath, but with one important difference - yours are not the only resources moving the Fleet forward.

Regardless of how you chose to face the mounting challenges, regardless of what Fleets you find best match your needs: Good luck out there, all of you.
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