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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
If anybody should be leaving the game, it should be you.

You should be happy the Foundry exists at all and that they didn't fix the exploit until now, instead of demanding Foundry authors get punished for their creativity and the fact that they are ADDING CONTENT EQUAL TO OR BETTER THAN CRYPTIC'S OWN.
It just occured to me that I should have said "mostly equal to or better" in that sentence.

Originally Posted by koihimenakamura View Post
I just hope they lower fleet mark or dilithium requirements. It's already a rather grindy MMO as it is..
Meh, at least the only cost of the Reputation system is EC. And not a lot of it. Basically you get 8 very cheap passives and 2 equally cheap actives, and only have to pay dilithium for the gear. Better than the fleet system, don't you agree?
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