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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But please consider: Your "OP" list might differ quite a lot from another chap's. "OP" is used synonymously to "something I had not prepared my ship for" by some.

Is there a set of objectively measureable criteria to determine if something is "OP"?
Well, part of the problem is that certain 'preparations' require a 500 Zen respec. Others require managing to find room to squeeze in a Boff power to counter specific attacks. Some ships don't exactly have a lot of room to spare, because they're only viable in a certain number of ways. Classic example would be the good ol' Hegh'ta. My current build more or less relies on a combination of two Tactical Team 1's and an RSP for the majority of tanking, with TSS and EptS for shield recovery and HE for hazard debuffing and a small hull heal.

I don't realistically have ROOM to squeeze in a Sci Team to counter the sci-spam BS I come across, or the sci-based P2W attacks that get used like cheese. Putting that in requires opening a big gap in my TT coverage, which is what keeps me alive 50-60% of the time. It also requires me to sacrifice a boff skill that I KNOW I get a lot of use out of. . .there are no 'unused' skills on my Hegh'ta.

So, the 'just lacking adequate preparation' line doesn't cut it with me, especially since you'd be hard pressed to have a build set up to respond to every friggin bit of cheese that's out there (AMS, gravitic pulse, danubes, subnukes/subnuke doffs, general sci spam, etc).

My list of what I consider OP isn't TOO big. I don't consider subspace jump to be OP, for example. I don't consider Theta Radiation to be OP. Most P2W stuff is generally ok with me, they're items of reasonable utility (heck, I'm using two P2W items myself!). Mostly, I get pissed off at stuff like AMS spam the instant you shoot someone, gravitic pulses that render you helpless in regards to escaping/maneuvering, 2-3 subnukes getting stacked onto you, danube spam (especially combined with other cheap BS tricks).