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Originally Posted by scaryguycalculon View Post
Federation Mission - Thermal Breakdown
Author: ScaryGuy
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HATZ6VKK7

I put in a ramp "system" so that you can get out of the pit, since I apparently can't make people die when I want them to. Also, I changed the dialog for when you get to the platforms, I was getting the hint that it might have been confusing on what you really needed to do when you FIRST get to them, especially since I do not put a way point on the map.

You do not have to make this a priority...but if you really have nothing to do I wouldn't mind having some more feedback with the revisions
You did a good job of fixing the pit issues on the first map but the problem still exist on the second map. Players will not play a mission they have to abort and restart because they fall into a pit and cannot get up. They will become frustrated and drop your mission. For that I reason I still cannot recommend this mission to other players.

I suggest you make the consoles more accessible all the way around the platform. You can place low level enemy mobs around the consoles to make them harder to get to.

Thanks for authoring,
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