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11-12-2012, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
I would love an extra two weeks to finish fleshing out my mission. I've got the script all done, I've just been holding it back a bit until season 7 goes live in-case anything changed in the Foundry.
Question ?
Why would you have been "holding back" ??
The original due date was Nov 5th.
(Long since passed.)

Missions should have mostly been "done", by then.
Then Brandon gave us another week (9days) changing the deadline for submissions to Nov14.

Now Season 7 is hitting, so the date has to be pushed back to account for the Foundry coming off line. BUT we are all supposed to be more or less done. The entries were supposed to post on TWO (2) days from now, if it hadn't been interrupted by S7 start.

That you are only on the 'script' stage now, doesn't indicate that you were actually trying to create the mission to be posted in a couple days.

I maintain that giving us a week would be generous.
No ONE should need more than that, and I question whether that is even needed.
These entries should be done at this point, save for the tweaking.

Let's get this Challenge put to bed, and move on to Challenge #6 , where the new stuff from S7 will be available from the start, and not as some last minute "lookit the new shiny" addition to a mission that should already be done.

Again, just my thoughts.