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11-12-2012, 09:10 AM
That was a terrible night. Aches with hot and cold flashes. Getting up every five minutes to blow my nose off. Coughing up mouth fulls of, I have no other way to describe it, lung water only to have to get outta bed yet again to spit that out and flush it. The best part about the lung water was my nose was so stuffed that it was a literal race to the bathroom because I could not breathe at all.

You know what the wost part was? Mouth breathing. My tongue is dry, my lips are chapped because of mouth breathing. I kept trying to switch back to nose breathing while I slept only to discover flu induced sleep apnea.

I feel like a pack of rabid, drunken gnomes flogged me with shillelaghs all night long.

I hate moving. Always new viruses waiting to wreak untold havoc on your immune system when you make a major move.
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