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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Bear in mind last tiem i checked into this torp spread hits less hard than basic torpedo fire, you really shouldn't be using it if you can avoid it.
This isn't true. When they redesigned spread between season 3 and 4, they balanced it around 70-80% of the damage per-target as a same rank high yield. After they broke it up so it doesn't hit in one burst it's a bit lower than that, but still substantially higher than a standard fire.

This also means people who think that becuase their chaining multipule spread/HY together their getting 10+ torps of damage ar actually wrong. 2 copies of THY3 + 1 normal shot, (about the max for an escort with a single tube), with Quantums is only 7 toprs, not the 9 vishual fx actually fired.
This is... sort of true. HY3 fires 4 torpedoes, each doing between 55 and 75% of normal damage depending on what type of torpedo you're firing. So all 9 torpedoes you see are real, but the cumulative damage is roughly that of 7 standard torpedoes.

Torp spread just looks epic!!!!! Wonder what Torpedo point defence system with spread is like????
The point defense console doesn't work with torpedo powers. It doesn't share a cooldown with torpedo powers, though, and doesn't trigger the global torpedo cooldown, so you can fire stacked spreads at the same time for a wall of torpedoes.

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