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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
1. Central time (America)
2. Both
3. Almost anything. I have 6 mains, 3 on both sides, 1 of each class. I will put them below.
4. It is just @Mimey. You can thank the forum change for the 2 on my name.
5. I will be available most likely on that date, but only in the afternoon and evening times.

My characters:

Fed Tac: Pure DPS (Fleet Defiant) or Support-DPS (Armitage)
Fed Engineer: Tanking, aka big target (Fleet Star Cruiser), Cruiser-DPS (Excelsior, D'kora, Regent, etc)
Fed Sci: Crowd control or healer (Recon sci), CC-DPS supporter (Chimera)
KDF Tac: DPS in Raptor (Mirror Qin), DPS in Battlecruiser (Tac Bortas), DPS in BoP (Hegh'ta or B'rel)
KDF Engineer: Semi-healer and tank (Engineering or Sci Bortas, or Negh'var)
KDF Sci: Torp boat/mine layer (B'rel), carrier support (Vo'quv), and what NOT to do with a carrier (same Vo'quv, just an energy drain build)

I also don't know if I would have the necessary skills to be a coach, assistant coach wouldn't be a problem though. I suppose the biggest thing would be that I think I'd need some smacks to the back of the head once in awhile asking if I remembered it was coming up. Dec. 29th is a month and a half away, and while I wanna help, good chance by then I might forget.

I can be a coach if needed, but there are probably others better qualified for the job. Assistant coach or other help like that, I can do for sure though without any problems at all.

Something tells me I won't be able to make various 'army movie' references though.
You will get plenty of "smacks" on the back of the head, reminding you of the event, especially if I am writing you from my Klingon toon. These will probably come through your in-game email.

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