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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
Why do you think the fighters are not allowed to bring guns to a boxing match? A set of rules that makes the competition fair increases the fun of the fight.

Cryptic doesn't understand how balance in this game works, but that doesn't mean that we have to intentionally make the game worse by using all the stupid consoles.
+1 Perhaps the OP can take items from these responses and make a generalized list (which is the first step). Perhaps Borticus will kindly sticky this thread if the OP creates a list in his first post?

1) I know that many big fleets out there will not use SNB doffs (yes, even post nerf) unless they are being used on them.

2) TBR is definitely broken and and is a no-no in fair play

3) "Danoob" shuttles

Those are to get the list started (at least until Tuesday for one of them)

While no one can stop people from using exploits, broken items and the like, at least the knowledge can be increased and culminated into a "community endorsed" list to show cryptic what is wrong about their balancing.

Make this thread serve multiple purposes.
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