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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
This isn't true. When they redesigned spread between season 3 and 4, they balanced it around 70-80% of the damage per-target as a same rank high yield. After they broke it up so it doesn't hit in one burst it's a bit lower than that, but still substantially higher than a standard fire.

This is... sort of true. HY3 fires 4 torpedoes, each doing between 55 and 75% of normal damage depending on what type of torpedo you're firing. So all 9 torpedoes you see are real, but the cumulative damage is roughly that of 7 standard torpedoes.
It's more about timing than rank of power. HY2 gets you 3 quantums @ roughly 2.5 of total unaided torpedo damage, so firing twice, split with TS2 will get you equivalent of 9 in 17 seconds (if you time the maneuver correctly), and quicker depending on how many of your torpedo Doffs proc, which mine usually do 30% of the time. 8.5 torps+1 real one is pretty close. Thats not including other bonus's.
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