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11-12-2012, 09:55 AM
We are so deep into the P2W crap that there is no way we can overcome this without the Devs.

Throw away your RMC, Lockbox Ships, universal consoles, Mk XII purples, Mk XII [acc]x3, 1000 day vet ship, pre-order bonuses, and pretty much anything that you had to stick with the game to acquire in the first place.

Don't get me started on the latest i7, Naga and what not.

Balance won't come from us not using danoobes, SNB doffs or whatever FOtM happens to rock someones boat. I m sure that s not what you wanted to hear, but after seven seasons this has become painfully obvious, imv.

instead of going with a sportsmen like attitude, as they do with CO pvp, befitting the IP , cryptic wants OP toys to fuel greed and impulse buys. They either don;t understand the concept of powercreep (which would make them very very bad at their jobs) or they don't care. While we're at it this is cryptic's game, not PWE's, or atari's, or the liberal media's, or whatever scape goat the CDF likes to raise.
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