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Originally Posted by orias2 View Post
Something seriously must be done. Players don't always work together and when they all don't communicate and work as a team a single player can screw it up for everyone.

Tonight I'm in Cure. We blow all the cubes within seconds. A small wave of warships spawn. The problem is most of the mission 4 ships are barely able to keep the kang alive while I solely run around blowing up nanite units. So...three of us blow up the cubes all at the same time. Two guys are defending and manage to allow the Kang to blow up. The rest of us are trying to kill off the single wave of warships and are unable to reach the Kang to hail it. Low and behold the other two idiots manage not to hail the Kang as they were suposed to do and allowed it to blow up. So...40 min of hard work down the drain. The most wonderful thing about it all? I did get a single one of the drops. Nothing. I am level 50 on an elite mission. I literally walked away from that 40 minute long mission with NOTHING. Had I left I would have been forced to wait an hour.

Now, it would be really nice if someone would make an attempt to rebalance these missions. They take long enough and with a single idiot on the team it can draw a mission out to nearly an hour long event. In the end you may even walk out in failure and nothing to show for it. I am a lifetime subscriber. I did so to support the game I enjoy to play. I also did it after the free to play option came in. I seriously didn't pay all that money to lose countless hours in game because some moron joined up in missions I have no control over who comes in and who doesn't, the only place I can get the highest grade equipment for my maxed out character, and pretty much the only worth wild things to do for end game content.

Honestly...these missions are a joke and need a serious rethink.

I think I ended up joining the one you left. It took a while but it went ok after a bit of guidance.

Other than that I had a KAE that took over an hour because the people in my group wanted to ignore the cubes after triggering them, but also they were mostly beam boats and we were sorely lacking in firepower. With Donatra they just wanted to get in close and hit her with beams so I gave up with staying 5km away and just hit her with my console attacks.