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Originally Posted by sirepical View Post
Thanks, and I do agree with all that.

If Texas A&M can't win the national championship this year (which is ridiculously unlikely, since several teams would have to completely fall apart first), I was hoping an SEC team could still win it to make the Aggies looks better, like, say ... Alabama. So from now on to the end of the year, Roll Tide!

But we still have 3 more years of Johnny Football. This should be fun....
But I hope you realize you put a mark on yourself for next year. One does not simply beat Nick Saban. One pokes a sleeping lion with a whiffle bat.

Saban now has an entire year's worth of footage and an entire year to plan a defensive strategy. Ask Tebow how the rematch went.

Seriously, I can see the Texas A&M/Bama game deciding the SEC West over the next couple years.
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