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11-12-2012, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by Crypticarmsman
I have a feeling if Star Wars the Old Republic (aka SWToR) WASN'T launching its F2P version on Thursday, 11/15/12 (which it in fact is); I think we would be seeing Season 7 launch on a Thursday; but obviously, they want to have a chance to make their own 'splash' for a couple of days before the media explodes with "SWToR is now F2P..."

(Although seriously, if you want to see a REAL 'money-grubbing F2P implementation, look no further than SWToR's as:

- There's NO WAY to earn their store currency (called Cartel Coins) in game at all.

- They are charging non-subscribers for UI elements (you get two hatbars for your powers in game. Want/need more - which you will around Level 30 - pay for it.

- Did you have a piece you Purple or Orange gear drop and you want to use it? You need to pay for a license to do so, PER PIECE.

- There's even more, but the list would get long. They should term is Free to Play, a more accurate term would be 'Free to Pay'.)

Yeah, I was going to log in and finish the storylines on my Alts that I hadn't gotten to 50 before unsubbing last April; but after looking over the F2P matrix, I figured why bother?
Thiiis should explain he made this post in another thread.,