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11-12-2012, 10:48 AM
To be honest I want it in game as realistically its the only big time TNG/DS9 ship we have left to see in game (and by big time I mean a ship that was featured in more than one episode) as we have had the miranda, obeth and Nebula.

Really there is just too much history not to see it in game, it was an enterprise and this class of ship is the one that Sela (whatever Iconians have done with her) mother served upon before she was taken to Romulas.

However for me I want it to be an uber rare reward, a ship which you get in a lottery.

I want there to be an event where star fleet says due to the further stretching of Starfleet due to the new Breen and Tholian incursions they are looking to bring back and rekit older ships from mothballs and there is a limited number of Ambasador class ships they are doing it with, litrally in the tens, you then have to do an event which gets you placed in the lottery for an ambasador ship and its drawn fropm that.

And then thats it, later on you starfleet might release a new class of ship which is based on the ambasador class (much the same way the stargazer is the update of constelation class) however there would only ever be a very, very limited number of Ambasador class ships in game and getting one would be seen as special