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Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
Basically ... Small to mid-sized fleets remain frakked.
I think any size fleets will be ... overwhelmed ... with the cost in common DOffs. Agree with another poster regarding the need to change the requirements. Personally, I can fill all the purple requirements myself if need be. Anyone in a small-to-mid-sized fleet could as well, if they are willing to do DOff missions for a bit. There are plenty of missions that reward purple duty officers.

I believe we are going to see some massive amounts of required common duty officers, especially for those just hitting the Tier III projects. That's why I am trying to find out - do I spend dilithium now and break down all my purples for the next 20 hours or so, before it's going to cost me ridiculous amounts of dilithium to 'recruit' duty officers (side note - doesn't it seem odd captains should have to pay dilithium to Starfleet in order to get unknown and untested new graduates?).

Or, as has been hinted, will some of those projects retain the purple quality duty officer requirements. I don't know which would be worse or make me unhappiest - breaking down all my extra purples to find out that they were needed, or turning in loads to convert to purple just to find out that I need to break them down (at a loss of 2 DOffs at a time).

If one upgrading one of the Tier 1 Embassy projects requires 400 common civilians, and a Tier III SB project requires 120 uncommon (green) - then how many common non-civilians will we need for that project after tomorrow? What about the 100 rare (blue) needed to upgrade each arm to Tier IV?

I shudder to think. Everyone is (rightly) concerned about the Omega conversion, I think this change PLUS charging dilithium to GET the commons, on top of the dilithium needed for the projects, is going to hit harder for - those in fleets, anyway.
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