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11-12-2012, 11:24 AM
that's what you get from moving acquainted with something normal for the locals. .or something shipped in. . allergies to this extend aren't common..

Benadryl great for things like this.. had some swamp weed once that made a neighbourhood less friendly- tis what the nurse GF used.. benadryl

ok Food Update...

Pan.. shaker container..
oatmeal flour bakign powder soda.. salt italian seasoning cinimon BACON chicken Tenders
grapes rasins Grape Tomatoes Onion.. pepper..

Start pan.. with EVVO add BACON! render BACON! you can add paula dean julia child amounts of butter if you wish.. add fruits.. put dry ingreadiants in shaker.. old coffee container works..

after chickens dry warmed place in containter close [check lid.. dust off flour oops] Shake in batches of 4 pcs..
remove shaking ecess place o npaper towel plate.. add reast of package if you dotn have chickens done farm style. .shake.. add to pre seasoned pan after taking fruits and onion out.. leave BACON! then move to fruits pan o ndif burner..
add Chicken to brown coating and cook thru.. sit at pc and talk about it as you smel lgreat.. aroma.. but dotn blacken too far.. monitor pan..
Develope crust.. take large pad of butter loewer temp take big spoo nbaste chicken w butter sauce.. to glisten.
get belly ready for treat.. Feed your papa and mamma if yo ustil lhave one other or both..
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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