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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I have a suggestion that I'd like to throw out for consideration. I've posted about it elsewhere, but I've been informed this is the best place for my feedback. I'm not the first person to suggest something like it.

What I would like to see is functionality that would let forum users "Like" or "+1" specific posts to show that it's particularly useful or popular. Threads with a lot of "likes" could be highlighted. This is already done informally and inconsistently, but there's no way to view at a glance which posts in which threads are getting the most positive attention.

Along with this, the Community Moderator would need the ability to modify the scoring of any particular post. For example, if someone posts information that is later discovered to be wrong, the score can be adjusted to de-emphasize it without necessarily deleting it.

This could have two huge benefits for these forums.

First, it could be a great way for PWE to identify feedback that the Community is in favor of. For example, this post could be "Liked" by enough forum users that PWE would be able to prioritize implementing such a feature, if possible. If somebody has a good idea or a legitimate concern, the Community can weigh in on it in such a way that PWE doesn't have to read a million posts to see what the consensus is or to find the good idea in the first place.

Second, it could be a great way to help the Community highlight posts that are factual and useful and help users focus on those over posts that are just rumors or that contain inaccurate information. Sometimes bad information gets shovelled around and it's hard to pick out the good from the bad.

This isn't foolproof, and I know it has good points and bad, but I believe it would help to focus the Community and PWE on the most important feedback.

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