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# 1812 SWOTOR wont compete
11-12-2012, 11:50 AM
I don't beilive they will compete two differnt styles. beilive they may take some players while people try but if you look the matrix on there there not brilliant, i was gona try it til they changed it so if you are a f2p person you can't equip most powerfull items, as where star trek you can.

in sto theres no reall benefit for people going lifers unless you want the 500 free zen, cause you can just grind, as season 7 thats what its all about really now is grind, for dilithium and twice as many fleet marks. which wil hurt small starbases.

i'm a lifer and through thick and thin dont always agree with cyptics decision but i still love the game so i still be here to play.

but try raiderz thats a ok game to play tooo.

good hunting people