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Please list all the cruisers that are involved into this nefarious '3 part' plan? As far as I know, your 'alot of new cruisers' is two, one for each faction. With the Vesta, we now have 3 total, but the Vesta is a sci ship, not a cruiser, so I still don't see your point. I'm not seeing this trend towards extra costs for cruisers you are speaking of unless you are talking about the'Fleet' versus 'C-store' versus 'basic' thing many ships have, in which case that is not a cruiser specific issue at all. Seems like you are again throwing out 'facts' without actually thinking about them. Also, in terms of Cryptic trying to get you to buy new things: a company trying to SELL products to me? Say it ain't so!

In addition, since when was the problem with cruisers (even non-odyssey cruisers) the lack of 'tankiness'? Did you maybe mean 'dps' here, or are you honestly saying that cruisers need both a tanking AND a damage buff?

Finally, he didn't say he only runs the Odyssey, so I don't know why you are accusing him of missing the big picture - it looks like he doesn't use any Galaxy or Excelsior classes, but the rest are effectively in his list.

Already been explained how, in fact, torps that crit for insane dmg is a bad idea. The rest of this, though, is I think highly revealing about where you are coming from. It seems to me that you feel like escorts should not have been the damage dealing class at all - I would wager that you are one of those people who puts stock in the idea that 'escort' as a class name means they should be there only to 'support' the main guns - i.e. the cruisers. I've never found that line of reasoning particularly compelling, but again, it shows that you aren't upset about the AMOUNT of damage being done by ships etc - just WHICH ships are doing it.
Listen, go back to the main page and read about Vesta. It is a science "cruiser." It does not have to be an Engineer ship to be considered a cruiser. Its not a destroyer, its not an escort, its not a scout ship, or recon ship. As a matter of fact there is a podcast talking about it. Go listen to that. On the list of ships, you can go ship shopping yourself. You got your own two eyes and fingertips. You can take your little character, roam around till you find the ship requisition store and look at the cruisers and science ships and what they do. Don't look for the Vesta there because its not released yet. You should look for answers before you try to argue.

Nobody asked for a heavy crit torpedo. Thats why i asked for a proportionate raise in DPS for torpedos. That heavy crit torpedo would be an extreme raise. The Borg cubes and gates are the only ships on the NPC side that can do that. Only game Bosses have extreme level in HP and DPS. The other non-boss NPC's are not hitting wth that level of DPS, so I don't know what you trying to get at?

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