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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
"Overall cost" refers to a mostly-internal metric we use to measure the relative value of different items within the Holdings system. Every Project is assigned a target "overall cost" and the Design team determines what requirements to place on the Project in order to meet that cost.

For the recent changes, the value given to a White Doff in these calculations was increased to about 166% its previous value. Green Doff relative value went up to about 133% of its previous. But at the same time, we shifted most quality requirements down to White. Since a Blue or a Purple was previously (and still is) valued higher than a White, the number of inputs required had to increase in order to meet the targeted "Overall cost" for the projects that were altered.

Does that clarify at all? Sorry, haven't had my coffee yet.
So if a project required 120 doffs valued at 100 points that would be 12000 worth of doffs required and then divide that by 166 and you gets 72 white doffs should be the new requirement for said project.

As for green req dropping to white the projects that took both did a 2:1 ratio of white to greens mostly so I would assume that will stay the same.

TLDR Tier 3 project 72/73 doffs Tier 2 project half that. If I understood him properly.