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Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
I think any size fleets will be ... overwhelmed ... with the cost in common DOffs. Agree with another poster regarding the need to change the requirements. Personally, I can fill all the purple requirements myself if need be. Anyone in a small-to-mid-sized fleet could as well, if they are willing to do DOff missions for a bit. There are plenty of missions that reward purple duty officers.

I believe we are going to see some massive amounts of required common duty officers, especially for those just hitting the Tier III projects.

I think one of the biggest problems (and I'll point back to Bort's earlier detailed post) ... I think sometimes the live so much in equations and formulas that they forget the human equations of the burdens being placed on already taxed and stretched players.

ADDITIONAL: I know the devs are nose down trying to get it all done and throw their hearts into this, but I worry still about tunnel vision.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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